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Calgary & Edmonton Infill Home Builders

INFILL Homes:  In simplest terms, Infill is a new home being built in a mature neighborhood or on vacant/previously under utilized lots. This allows for the rededication of land in an urban environment. The biggest benefit of Infill is the revitalization of our mature neighborhoods.  

Look Haus a division of Look Master Builder Edmonton/Calgary Inc. is proud to be a part of revitalizing our core mature neighborhoods in both Calgary and Edmonton. Look Haus is dedicated to bringing your new home plans to life. Having built homes in Glenmore, Jasper Park, Quesnell Heights, Ritchie, Belgravia, King Edward, Glenora and more, we bring knowledge and experience in navigating the adventure of Infill. 

With opportunities to offer new homes in a broader range of neighbourhoods, infill development allows you to enjoy the urban lifestyle while also helping to revitalize our city’s mature neighbourhoods. Our Edmonton infill builders construct homes that offer easy access to transit, walkability to shops and beautiful tree-lined streets. The Look Haus experience provides the opportunity of building a customizable home, catering to your lifestyle, profession and passions; we can help you build the perfect infill home today!

To learn more about our Infill home building process in Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding areas, please contact us or give our office a call at 780-919-1329.

Build the perfect infill home today!

  • Mature tree lined streets
  • Access to river valley and trails
  • Custom floor plans and unlimited options available
  • Walkability to downtown, schools, community centers, shops & a variety of other community amenities
  • Public transit options

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is infill home building?

Infill home building refers to the construction of new residential properties in established or developed areas within an existing urban or suburban environment. These projects typically involve using vacant or underutilized land within an already-built-up community.

Why is infill home building important?

Infill development helps maximize land use efficiency, reduces urban sprawl, and can contribute to revitalizing existing neighborhoods. It often promotes sustainability by utilizing existing infrastructure and minimizing the need for new transportation and utility networks.

Are there any advantages to living in an infill home? 

Yes, several advantages include proximity to established amenities (schools, parks, shops, etc.), reduced commute times, a sense of community, and potential for increased property value due to the revitalization of the neighborhood. 

Available Home Styles
  • Single Family w/ Attached Garage
  • Single Family w/ Detached Garage
  • Infill